What we offer

Nowadays - it is more than ever important to be seen. How to achieve it ?

Go with us for your visual media and show your products and services with us as your professional partner.


We are keen to create for you the best working audio-visual content

We develop stories and concepts and we do all the planning around the production for your perfect media presentation.


We have all the resources and the experience you need for your advertising,

your business presentation and your corporate marketing uses.

You'd think your business is too small for a media presentation ?

Even small businesses should do it and can afford it.

Let's talk together - we'll find a solution.


We have the experience of more than 35 years in media industry.

We realized media content with budgets as small as € 0,5K and more than € 500K

We create the right media content for you !


Web, Youtube, Video streaming -

cinema adverts, TV-spots,  In-House presentations -

we create everything the media can offer.


And of course we create corporate TV, video conferences or live transmissions via satellite or internet.


Call us now ! Or email

Step 1 - Before the shoot

  • We get in touch
  • We talk about your needs and your budget
  • Together we create the content
  • Agreement about budget
  • Creation of script
  • Shooting schedule
  • Casting
  • Location scouting
  • Final corrections




Step 2 - Shooting

  • Shooting
  • Audio content
  • Music adaption
  • Voice over recording




Step 3 - After the shoot

  • Preview of content
  • Rough cut
  • Corrections
  • Alignement of voice and music
  • Sound - Design
  • Final mix
  • Presentation 
  • Acceptance by client
  • Distribution