EB TV-Production Crew & Equipment  -  ALL FORMATS

EB Team, Cameracrew,  ENG-Crew,  Line-Producer,  Editor Journalists,  Experienced Cameramen,  Camera Remote Operators,  Sound Technicians, 

and more...

Multilingual Crews - German / English / Spanish

Camera / Audio

Sony A7III - Full Format Sensor - 4K  - Sony E Mount

Canon D5 MK II - Full Format - Canon EF Mount - 2.3K/25p - Magig Lantern Software  MOV

Canon D7 MKII - S35 Sensor - ARRI PL Mount

Canon Lenses: 17-35, 24-200 / 70-200 / 24-200 / 100-400, 80 fix - USM IS

Sony RX 100 MK IV  1" Sensor- 4 K - & Slowmotion (up to 1000fs/sec)

Sony FDR53 HD/4K - Optical Stabilizer - Slow motion up to 100fs/sec incl. 

Action Cams (GoPro - SwissGo )

Raindisk - Spinning disk - eliminates any liquid spray on the lens

BMD Video Assist 4K Monitor - records on 2 x SD Card in Apple Pro Res / DNxHD

Lilliput 7" 4K/HD Monitor

Vinten Tripod

25" LED Panasonic Class-1 HD Reference Monitor with Vector/Wave

Sound Devices 552 Field Mixer 5 Ch

Wendt Audio XT4 Field Mixer 4 Ch

Tascam 4 track linear PCM Recorder

Wireless  Sennheiser &  Neumann Microphones 

KMR82i, MKH816, MKH416, MCE836, MKE2/MKE40, DPA and more


FTP Highspeed - Filetransfer up to 600 mbit/sec upload





Stanton Triangle  Camera Crane

Ronin Gimbals


Drone 1 DJI Mavic Pro 2 4K

Drone 2 DJI Mavic Air 4K / HD  / 120fps

Drone 3 Yuneec Q500 4K

AESA  Licensed Drone Pilots



Post Production & Sounddesign

Adobe Creative Suite

Da Vinci Resolve

Da Vinci Fusion

Adobe After Effects

Knoll Light Factory

Cinema 4D

Logic Audio




Editing with Operator

FTP Transfer  High-Speed 600mbit/sec upload