Stanton Camera Crane & Remote Head

Vanessa Mae Violin - Music Video Shoot - Stanton Triangle Palma de Mallorca - Camera Remote Heads - Gimbal - Ronin II - Hot Head Palma - Oneman Jimmy Jib

Stanton Jimmyjib Triangle - Music Clip Shoot with Vanessa Mae


Stanton JimmyJib Camera Crane Palma de Mallorca

The JimmyJib camera crane is one of the most versatile camera cranes in the world. It comes with electronic remote head. Under slung or even over slung to gain one more meter height.... 7mtrs


Stanton JimmyJib Camera Crane Sucre Bolivien  Palma de Mallorca

With his weight of aprox 220 KG (w/o camera) we can setup the Stanton JimmyJib camera crane on almost every place. Even roofs or platforms are perfect to use. Here the crane works on the rooftop of the university of Sucre-Bolivia

Easy to setup

Stanton JimmyJib Camera Crane Picos de Europa Palma de Mallorca

For this particular shot we put the Stanton Jimmyjib camera crane in a small cable car.  It is fully remoted (camera AND crane) by our experienced operator. Reach 6 mtrs